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it's all rubbish!

they're all on drugs or they're homosexuals!

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barry off eastenders
18 December 1987
Hello! I'm Ida. I used to be 'anti-social' Ida, hence the name.

Now? I'm kind of warming to the idea of people.

With exceptions, of course:

mood theme by dallowayward.
'britpop', 24, 28 days later, alan partridge, andrew collins, architecture in glasgow, avoiding activity, being antisocial, bill bailey, black books, blackadder, brass eye, british accents, british comedy, bumping into steve mackey, charlie brooker, chris morris, collings and herrin, cooking, danny boyle, despising children, disco pulp!, discovering amazing television, doctor who, dogs, dylan moran, dylan moran's hair, echo and the bunnymen, egg he said egg, elbow, everything charlie brooker does, extras, fist of fun, fran healy, frankie boyle, furuskog, garth marenghi's darkplace, glasgow, going cuckoo for logan, green day, histor's eye, house, hugh dennis, hugh laurie, jarvis cocker, jarvis cocker's 90s suits, jarvis cocker's fingers, joe strummer, john simm, karl pilkington, life on mars, mark lamarr, mock the week, monty python, music, nathan barley, never mind the buzzcocks, noel gallagher's massive ego, not serena maneesh, not wearing makeup, oasis, patrick wolf, pliny harris, procrastinating, pulp, reservoir dogs, richard herring, ricky gervais, russell senior and donkeys, sarcasm, saying yes to cress, scotland, seeing skambankt live, shallow grave, simon quinlank, skambankt, sleeping on public transport, solitude, squeeze, stephen merchant, steve coogan, stewart lee, television, the actor kevin eldon, the black parade lawl, the clash, the day today, the delgados, the fall, the mighty boosh, the office (uk), the ricky gervais show, the young ones, tmwrnj, travis, uti vår hage, veronica mars, viggo mortensen, walking-to-the-sound-of-my-favourite-tune, åpen post

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